Super User

Super User

Building garage, rec' room & roof deck

I have never built anything in my life, but out of necessity I had to bite to bullet and build a garage, a recreational room/gym and a roof deck for my family. The family needs the recreational room/gym due to health reasons and because we live near the ocean everything...

MyDagaz™ wants you to focus more on you and your dreams and goals, because we believe it will make you a happier and a more self fulfilled person. Besides, who doesn't want to be happy?! Happiness not only makes you feel good and makes you feel happy, it has a profound impact on your productivity, health and well-being too.

The real challenge achieving your goals and dreams is staying motivated. The MyDagaz™ Goal Reminder bracelet and the Online Support Community are critical  to help you maintain your motivation through life's challenges. Stop "falling off the wagon" - isn’t it time you reached your goals and stopped just talking about it?

MyDagaz™ is a family owned company and the world's first to offer motivational bracelets and charms designed specifically to help you reach your goals - whatever they are!

MyDagaz™ will help you reach your goals!

Just like the penguins huddle together to survive winter storms, we all huddle together to help every MyDagaz™ member resolve any issues. You not only have us, but you have the entire MyDagaz™ community behind you for help, support and encouragement in your quest to reach your goals.

Determination, Focus and Support

It might seem obvious that you need to be determined and focused, but in reality it is incredibly difficult to remain in this state, and that is where MyDagaz™ makes a world of difference. Join us today and get started!

We all have goals in life, big goals, small goals, long and short term goals. It's easy to have goals, but it's hard achieving them. MyDagaz™ is a fun, exciting and new way to stay inspired and on track to any goal – weight loss, bucket list, buy a house - whatever you want! We help & foster your inspiration until success is achieved!