Around the World & Antarctica

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Travel around the world + Antarctica

My entire life I have wanted to go on a cruise around the world and see Antarctica for myself. I only wish I had MyDagaz™ available to me back then, because it would have kept me focused on my goal. I am now a new MyDagaz™ user and saving up for my next trip. About 10 years ago...

I started saving up for my trips, but it took a while to save up the funds because I would get distracted and not be diligent about putting money aside. I only wish I had MyDagaz™ back then to help me stay focused and a sounding board when lost my motivation.

I eventually managed to save up enough and got my tickets for 3-month long cruise around the world, and it was one of the most amazing trips of my life. Among other things, we were only a day away from earth quakes in New Zealand, the Tsunami that hit Japan so hard, typhoons, pirate infested waters, the troubles in Egypt and the closing of the Suez canal, and so many more events.

The second long cruise that I took was one that went all the way to Antarctica!!!!  On the way down to the South Pole we stopped in many ports in South America on both sides.  The Amazon River was an absolutely fantastic experience, and the same goes for Rio De Janeiro :-).

I am now a MyDagaz™ member and setting up my weight loss goals while I wait for the other categories to become available.

I hope my story helps inspire you to pursue your dreams and goals, and I know MyDagaz™ will be a great asset to you and your pursuit of happiness.

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